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Inspirational self understanding will lead to a controllable outward vibration of positivity-

“Are you aware that your life can become extraordinarily rich and full? But on one condition: that you learn to open yourself, to become more fraternal and more generous. Why are you so miserly? You always wait for others to take the first step, to greet you and smile at you. Well, from now on you must not wait: you must always project more light and more love, and scent the atmosphere around you with your emanations. Then, even the stones on the paths will begin to come alive, and all who approach you will sense that a mysterious vibration is communing with them.

A human being is capable of animating and spiritualising matter, and not only the matter of his own cells, but the whole of nature around him, even the stones. One day he will know how to extract particles of light and love from his heart and soul. “(READMORE)
Progress in astrology as well.
Reports from John Hayes astrology are pretty good.(LINK)



Many people across the world are experiencing a feeling as if time is speeding up. While a day is still constituted in 24 hour increments, time seems to be moving faster than ever for many people….
What many people aren’t taking into account is vibration. Everything in existence revolves around vibration as atoms vibrate to create our 3rd dimensional reality. As the atoms vibrate faster, the illusion of time speeding up is created because, physiologically, our bodies are sensing the speeding up of “something” but we cannot attribute it to anything familiar other than time.

The reason we cannot physically see higher dimensions is because they are vibrating at a higher rate. As our bodies start to vibrate at a higher rate, we begin to feel as though time is also speeding up.(READ MORE)

Your brain and the pole swap in 2012 (?)
It is clearly noted that there are 3 different types of magnetism in the brain. One type is the right-left pull, another is the center pull, in which the Pineal Gland is activated; and the last has no pull at all but the neurons are completely fused together.

When the brain pulls from right to left, movement is controlled by emotions. When the brain pulls from left to right, emotions are controlled by movement. Right now our right brain pulls the left toward it. But after 2012 when we are on the opposite side of the super black hole in the center of the universe, the left brain will pull the right brain toward it. Meaning that we will be controlling our emotions by movement. Or in other words, we will be in complete control of how we feel, and we will move using our emotions. Basically we will use our brains to do everything instead of our bodies. The body and mind are separate. So, what happens? Let me explain…

First: Our Pineal Gland will activate. Sending us into a dream like state where we will become one and learn all we can about the universe.

Next: We will wake up out of the dream like state as our neurons fuse together, but we will retain the information that we held when we were in the dream like state.

Finally: The brain will begin to pull from left to right and we will be completely awakened into the universe in the next dimension where we are one and know all.
The mechanism is going to the other side of the black hole. It is like turning around a half circle. The source magnetism flows from a different location; so the pull from right to left changes from left to right…
NO, the magnetism in your brain has nothing to do with the Sun’s solar flares. The change will not be influenced by Solar Flares
Time is time, and time does as time should with holding information and pursuit of greater things.

I found this I and it is quite helpful so I wanted to share this shared practical method and train of thought to begin to become aware of yourself as non-physical energy sitting centre forehead in your body. Some call this energy soul or spirit, but those words can be loaded for many and bring with them all sorts of pre-conditioned reactions, so I would suggest finding a name or word for this energy of ‘you’ that works, without provoking too many negative reactions.

I choose to simply call me ‘me’. Of course for many the word ‘me’ is deeply entrenched and connected to total identification with the physical body and all it’s labels – gender, colour, culture etc.

We hear terms (especially in Eastern philosophies) like, the body is a temple – again this has connotations of being a ‘holy belief’ so I prefer to think of it as a car, it is my vehicle to get me around this physical world. If the body is my vehicle, then who am I? I am the driver of course! This body is my car and I am the driver, I am in control of it (all my 5 senses) and not the other way around, at least that’s how it should be!

So, becoming conscious of the word ‘me’ and choosing for it to now mean ‘Me the non-physical being’ instead of ‘me this female/male body’ takes a bit of time but it’s worth the effort. Also on hearing other people say the word ‘me’ – this can be used to trigger an awareness that they too are non-physical beings living within bodies of matter – of course we have the double task of also remembering that for the majority of people – they have forgotten this!

So that’s the tip for today, to practice attaching meaning to the word ‘Me’ to be ‘Me the non-physical being living within this body of matter, my vehicle’ as opposed to ‘Me, the body’. Of course it doesn’t have to be repeated in words each time, after a while it becomes an awareness, a deep feeling, a knowing.

We also begin to gain awareness of just how body conscious we have become and how deeply entrenched humanity and society is in this false belief system. 7 billion ‘drivers’ on auto pilot who actually believe themselves to be the cars they are riding in – crazy isn’t it?!

The internet is as the internet does.

The problem is enormous but we can make a difference. One in eight people don’t have safe water meaning each morning they scavenge to survive. Lack of safe water and sanitation impacts a family’s health, keeps children from getting an education, and traps millions in a cycle of poverty.

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