Monday February 26th 2018


GOD is consciousness and the acknowledgement of the “self” with consciousness is the acknowledgment of God – The ALL-
I believe in the power of human thought(consciousness)- which is enhanced with prays or mantras – I don’t trust a lot of the bible due to man’s mishandling or misinterpretation but Over all I have seen witnessed and felt, I know there is a GOD there is a divine source – I am not sure to as the balance of power Good vs Evil – but I do know there is balance like a scale, life is equal to death, pain to pleasure, etc…

One Thing i found for consideration is – “Jesus” isn’t God. That’s part of the Roman Catholic doctrine post Constantine to have you call on a false name, derived from ZEUS and uphold that spirit as “God.” It is time to take a look at evidence and put two and two together..and possibly see the outcome?

Furthermore, while the Israelites were in captivity in America (Deu 28:48, Deu 28:68, Jer 17:4), that “Jesus is God” nonsense mixed in with the Caucasian image of Christ was used as a psychological weapon to uphold Caucasians as superior to them.

Turning Christ into a Caucasian, THEN saying that image is “God” was used as a weapon for mainly the Children of Israel.(Link)

But the divine source – like consciousness – Just is- and the power of the mind with our “thoughts” is was can almost be describe as Magic- but only for the pure of heart and the “thoughts” have to be a truth.. like you know if you touch fire it will burn or you the truth of water is wet to the touch. When you have a thought based in Truth- there is no room for doubt- Doubt is was is the cause of things not going according to what should be-
Please understand my words are just my interpretation and I will not state my belief is more then any others- I just have a pure heart and pure intentions. I have always felt that the soul and my soul is part and linked to all that is that will be and all that has been – that alpha and the omega

My prayers do go out to you and all of yours in these trying times.


why we nail love on the cross instead of nailing ourselves on the love?

you know, it may sound funny, but the reason is simple, love is too much for us. deeply we don’t want to be fully happy and loving it is very expansive and therefore frightening, no logic plays there, so something may go “wrong” without control. If you have eyes and ears, in order to cross into the ocean of love, of god, I need to die. I need to be crossed every moment. Then I no more, and what is left is love. But how can I die? I have name, i have fame, i have business, i have family, i have money, i have this or i have that, i need to control things so much. Wait a minute, business wasn’t, it came, it shall pass, money wasn’t it came it shall pass, sadness came and went away, even what i call ‘love’ came and went away… Do I come and go with my possessions? Does I change whether there is possession or there is no possession? Why i want to protect my possessions? Simple, because i derive an identify from a possession. I have business so I AM Business(man). Thus, i think if business goes, ‘I’ will go too.
Now, i need not change myself or others or the world, i only need to see things as they are. I need to disappear for seeing to happen. Becoming aware of seeing itself is all i have to do. What else can i do? Am i in control of things? No. If i went deeply enough i see clearly that there is no I doing anything, nor something from ‘outside’ doing anything. Just habits, what society put here, running around. I see, thus understanding itself happens without effort, when deep understanding or lets better use a word insight, thats right, insight is very right word, then insight happens a perspective changes forever.
But this shall too pass away.

“Never was I born. Never can I die. Iam not the body nor the mind nor the doer. I-am pure consciousness, all-pervading. Fire
cannot burn me. Water cannot drown me. No harm can ever come to me. For I am not
what I appear to be. How wonderful this is. You should spend all of your spare time thinking of these things. Most of us do not like to be alone without people around us, without
the radio playing, without the TV playing, yet you have to face yourself someday. Why
not do it now? Sit by yourself for a half hour and see if you can do it. When you’re getting
depressed or feeling bad, sit by yourself, no noise just yourself. And watch the thoughts
that come to you. You will see how uncontrolled your mind really is. Some of us believe
we’ve got it together. Yet we’re afraid to sit by ourselves with nothing to do. Try staying up
all night sometimes, just sitting, doing nothing, watching your thoughts, watching your
emotions, observing yourself. This will explain to you how disciplined you are, how spiritual you are, by what happens.”

Love is I-AM feeling in each one of us. it IS alone.
If for example you could direct the love you feel for pet, husband, wife, kid, parents etc. to the I-AM feeling and just be with it, love it, nurture it, then IT would reveal many secrets. Forget thoughts, emotions, anything that is ‘outside’. Remember, thoughts are not ‘inside’, emotions are not ‘inside’ it is all happening in front of You, emotions, words, sensations, thoughts, feelings, all is happening in front of you, so basically there is no “inside”. Everything is “outside”. Now, what I want you to do is to love That to whom all these things arise. And then you will see, the rest will follow by itself. For the first time you will know what word Love truly represents. You will understand that cross is your body, Jesus is your ‘I’ thought or ego, and the Christ is your Self, your unimagined Self, I-AM, pure, God, Love, consciousness.

I am infinite, imperishable, self-luminous, self-existent, I am beginning-less, endless, decay-less, birthless, deathless.
Never was I born, I am ever free, perfect, independent, I alone am. I pervade the entire universe. I am all permeating and interpenetrating. I am supreme peace and freedom absolute.
Be still [silly mind] and know I-AM [is] God.

Yeshua, Yehoshua and Yeshu in the Talmud

“How do I define a mystical experience?… By means of prayer, meditation and contemplation, the mystic strives to capture the divine spirit and preserve it in their soul. This capturing takes the form of an illumination, a rapture, an ecstasy. Unfortunately, these higher states do not last, and they very quickly come back down to their ordinary level of consciousness and have to renew their efforts to return to these states.

Only those beings who possess the right receptacle are able to retain the divine spirit. This is the receptacle the esoteric tradition calls ‘the holy grail’. Alchemists, who use another language, speak of ‘fixing the volatile’. But in order for the volatile, the cosmic spirit, to be fixed, it has to be condensed and made into matter, and this is only possible by working simultaneously with the opposite process, that of ‘making the fixed – the physical body – volatile’. So long as the physical body remains coarse, solid and impure, it cannot vibrate as one with the spirit and so is unable to hold onto it.”

“Why do you limit yourself to the contacts you make on the physical plane with human beings? There are other beings to encounter in the universe and with whom you can establish relationships. Every day you have the possibility not only to link yourselves with the luminous entities who populate the universe, but to draw them nearer to you. So address yourselves to them: ‘Come, celestial friends, come make your dwelling place in me.’ You can also add: ‘Lord God, Divine Mother, Holy Trinity, all angels and archangels, servants of God and of light, my entire being belongs to you; make use of me for the glory of God, for his kingdom and justice on earth.’ Pronounce these words is the true consecration. If you do not know how to invite the celestial spirits, do not be surprised when other entities, in no way celestial, come and establish themselves in you without waiting for an invitation! It is up to you to decide who you want for inhabitants.”(ARE YOU