Monday February 26th 2018

Thank you for listening..

Thank you for listening….

My image is real, not selling a lie-[trustme]

before [trustme] was trmnl.freq and before that was [esc]ape

Be prepared. 7rus7me

After the [esc]ape (Chicago) -. One definition of trmnl.freq is lacking the duality existing prior amongst the members. One messenger broadcasting the illuminating blend of expression and chaos in a unique unified sound. The very nature of human existence is experience and creation (expression). The main intent has alway been self expression with the intent of promoting the idea of Selfless vs. Selfish.

Beginning in mid 90’s promoting a different mentality against the status quo began a drive for the darker or raw existence of the human plight, After an introduction to underground events in the early 2000′s, countless hours were spent surrounded by talented and established DJs and producers, absorbing the atmosphere and environments. 2004, a close friend provided the music program Reason (ver 2.5). Dedicating almost all free time to experimenting with the program, understanding sound manipulation, a developing a controlled drum sequencing technique, and redefining sounds structures. 2007 production evolved to emotional scores, soundscapes, and drum filtering via nontraditional sound manipulation techniques that altered the structure of the wav frequency. Slowly becoming recognized, a release via beatport was produced under the alias (Ghost Ecco). As time progressed, blending the organic element of the piano infused the audible conceptualized art and sequenced drum patterns in a harmonic balance. 2008 [esc]ape has joined with Kompute Musik for the first original release under the Kompute Kompliation II which was released in 2008. The 1st EP was released May of 2010. [esc]ape has worked on remixes for such artists as: MelissFX, Future Forward Society(feat. Mt. Sims), Crystal Castles, and Board of Education. in late 2011 the contribution of JK was introduced.

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