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SO Every 26,000 years there is like a reset on the planet due to outside forces..(the SUN)… a end in time that only crocodiles or underground entities can survive…

anyway, I found this…so i shared this info & Link

I paraphrase him: “If you think of energy as a highly diluted form of mass, you can imagine mass as a highly concentrated form of energy. Then one can visualize magnetic attraction and repulsion as streams of photons with their corkscrew shaped wave functions screwing into (attraction) or screwing out of (repulsing) each other.”

Another way to understand this spiraling, torquing energy flow is to look up the ‘corkscrew rule’ which states that the magnetic field, of a wire’s current, flows in a clockwise rotation when going away from you.

The point here is that if the rotation of the Earth is sustained by a magnetic spiral from the ‘corkscrew rule’ running up its axis, then this can be instantly reversed by a single blast of energy, from the sun, that is over 100 times the magnetic power of our magnetosphere.
This means the corkscrew, torquing current turning our Earth can be flipped like a light switch! It’s just that easy.

All of this seems eminently possible, to me. I am curious to know what others think about this possibility. The disintegrating magnetosphere graphs we see every day only lessen the amount of energy the sun would need to flip the mag-poles of our Earth.

The rotation reversal scenario is simple, with just 7 steps.

1) The Sun gets energized (from the million degree cloud)
2) The sun gets agitated to release energy
3) The earth gets blasted with over 100x our magnetosphere’s energy
4) The magnetic poles flip, (but not the rotational poles, yet.)
5) The corkscrew rule, or effect, that presumably runs down the Earth’s axis and turns the Earth (CCW in relation to the sun) would then reverse rotation. This would, of course, start braking the current counter clockwise rotation and gradually slow the earth’s spin over the coming weeks or months.
6) The Earth stops, staggers like a drunk for a short time, and at this point the rotation axis may align with the new magnetic axis, its hard to predict.
7) The Earth finally starts rotating by the now reversed corkscrew effect, until the Sun rises in the West.

This may not sound too damaging to our world, but consider this:

1) The initial sun blast (CME or EMP) would probably shortout the entire electrical grid and everything that rests upon it, including cars, planes, communications, water pumps, gas pumps, lights, and refrigeration, etc.
2) The reversal of the magnetic corkscrew and core would generate intense heat that would melt the crust of the Earth and push up the aquifers creating flooding and a steamy atmosphere. This super heated crust could break off chunks of continents and float them away.
3) The longer days and nights would produce extreme temperatures and winds, possible hurricanes and tornadoes. 400 hundred mph winds would likely flatten 90% of the buildings on Earth along with most crops.
4) The equatorial bulge of the Earth, which is 26 mile deep water, is only held in place by the centrifugal force of rotation. This would back-flow towards coasts and seaports, off the equator. The ports on the equator would become too shallow to navigate. This back flow would inundate coastal cities and interrupt shipping and communications for some time. It would also force billions of coastal dwellers uphill where they would likely starve and die from exposure. Fighting over limited stockpiles and quarry would likely result.
5) With the redistribution of water, comes the dreaded redistribution of water weight upon the tectonic plates. This would likely trigger massive earthquakes and massive sinking of coasts and river valleys. The US Navy, according to leaked rumors, apparently thinks the New Madrid fault, running under the Mississippi River, would release 3 separate 9.M quakes when the Mississippi got to be about 100 miles wide. Such a series of quakes would liquefy the Midwest of America and destroy the crops and farmers so many depend upon. All the bridges across the Mississippi would be lost and the nation effectively cut in half.
6) With the tectonic plates in flux, volcanism would erupt like never before and release far more ash than we have with the current minor Icelandic events. Ash flows could possibly destroy everything that the flooding and earthquakes missed.
7) Finally, with the Earth just floundering in space, the rotational spinning axis of the Earth might disappear and start lining up with the new magnetic poles, but if it flounders for a while, stars will seem to fall into the sea and the sun could rise of the the north pole! Itâ?Ts hard to say what would happen, but obviously if the rotation pole moved just a dozen degrees any which way, it would ruin existing climates, and change the equator, as we have come to enjoy it and generate mass extinctions and migrations.

Source : [link to www.fourwinds10.net]

that is pretty scary stuff, but who really knows.

all I know is I am not prepared for any of it, probably like the rest of you…

so what would be the best way to survive??

Information courtesy of NASA, NOAA, the US Library, the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Jet Propulsion Lab, the Environmental Visualization Laboratory, the NASA Earth Observatory, SDO, SOHO, Stereo, ISWA, SSEC, HAARP, and SolarIMG – Your information, images, and videos were essential to this video.


I read somewhere..”Just know that this is a positive thing, the Sun’s energy is unlocking human’s DNA ” I don’t what to believe.. though i don’t know what to NOT believe either… That’s freewill for you.. (=

& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg7QKLH5NuQ&feature=relmfu

SO 12.DEC.2012- I read this- That date is only symbolic, like the boiling point. The water is heating up rapidly, before it reaches the boiling point many frogs are already cooked before they know it. –
I must say… It seems more likely then unlikely with this heat we have been experiencing..

Orbiting Solar Fleet Peers Into Coronal Cavities

The sun’s atmosphere dances. Giant columns of solar material – made of gas so hot that many of the electrons have been scorched off the atoms, turning it into a form of magnetized matter we call plasma – leap off the sun’s surface, jumping and twisting. Sometimes these prominences of solar material, shoot off, escaping completely into space, other times they fall back down under their own weight.

The prominences are sometimes also the inner structure of a larger formation, appearing from the side almost as the filament inside a large light bulb. The bright structure around and above that light bulb is called a streamer, and the inside “empty” area is called a coronal prominence cavity.
…they [coronal prominence cavities] are an important one as they can be the starting point of what’s called a coronal mass ejection, or CME.

..”When you see such a crisp clean shape like this, it’s not an accident. That shape is telling you something about the physics of the magnetic fields creating it, and understanding those magnetic fields can also help us understand what’s at the heart of CMEs.”

…The cavity itself looked like a tunnel in a crescent shape, not unlike a hollow croissant.

Magnetic fields loop through the croissant in giant circles to support the shape, the way a slinky might look if it were narrower on the ends and tall in the middle – the entire thing draped in a sheath of thick plasma. The paper describing this three-dimensional morphology appeared in The Astrophysical Journal on Dec. 1, 2010.



VENUS OPENING THE DOOR TO ISIS (LINK) The Venus Transit has always preceded great breakthroughs in human consciousness and played a very significant role in the Mayan Calendar. Whether one views this moment of opportunity through the myths of the Maya, for whom Venus is associated with the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl, Lord of Light; or in the context of Western astrology and symbolism, the play of light is the common element.

To some esoteric communities, this Annular Solar Eclipse, with its unique &; rare conjunction with Pleiades on May 201, 2012, can be attributed to the return of the Phoenix. Venus is known to be associated with lucifer & the Phoenix in the ancient world because Venus was one of the brightest moving stars in the known heavens. Even in the modern era, Venus is still associated with lucifer or the coming of the Anti-Christ.

The Phoenix is known by many names to many cultures; as Nimrod, Osiris, Queztalquatal, Kukulcan, Viracocha etc. Each culture has had their own names given to Venus but all of them refer & converge on 1 personage; that being of lucifer the ‘Shinning One’. ……….. This brief study is not suggesting that at this specific time, the literal Anti-Christ will be revealed. Perhaps but it is only as a type & shadow.

Nonetheless; a sort of esoteric Alpha & Omega for the announcement of the Anti-Christ coming signature to be accompanied by ‘signs & wonders’. Descending –Ascending Birds At Chichen Itza every year on Mar 20, when the Spring Equinox, a ‘shadow’ is cast on the Pyramid that produces a ‘Descending Serpent’ or Phoenix down its northern stairs.

The year 2012 happens to be a peculiar year in that 60 days after the Serpent/Phoenix’s shadow appeared you have the Annular Solar Eclipse occur on May 20, 2012. On this day you have: 1) the Earth-Moon-Sun in conjunction with the Pleiades.

2) The Zenith of the Pleiades with the Pyramid lining up. This Zenith alignment of the Pleiades to the Pyramid at Chichen Itza only happens every 72 years. It so happens that the ‘Unfinished Pyramid’ of the illuminati on the US Reserve Seal has 72 blocks leading up to the Capstone. Coincidence? Perhaps.



Aquarius characteristics summary
Changes are sudden and disruptive. Knowledge and communication dominate. Group minded, stubborn, rebellious, attitudes predominate. Victim-hood has no place, with the focus on reformation and high self esteem.Aquarius is a change oriented, masculine energy.
This relates to Humans because there is a direct link between how we feel at any given time, our biorhythm, diet and our emotional state produce more subtle effects in our lives. Because they can easily go unnoticed, these, and even more subtle influences can actually have greater long term impact than the obvious ones. We do have control over our personal energies. To the degree we do not consciously exercise that control, we are subject to undue influences by the energies around us. It is useful in general, and necessary when doing any kind of energy work to balance and focus our personal energy. Doing so makes our efforts more effective and eliminates the likelihood of picking up unwanted influences from others or our surroundings.(READ MORE)
– Author Unknown

The pair can be seen to the west-southwest, shortly after sunset. Venus is the brighter of the two, and Jupiter will appear to move in a line past it for the rest of the month.
The Slooh network of telescopes will be broadcasting the conjunction live on the web from 02:30 GMT on Monday morning.

The Precession Of The Equinox Explanation

This is VERY Scary..WARNING magnetosphere is dangerously low!

High planetary tilt lowers odds for life? Is/was Earth A “Goldilocks” obliquity?..Highly-tilted worlds would have extreme seasons, subjecting life to alternating periods of scorching and subzero temperatures. Read More…

Solar storms ‘could ruin coverage of the 2012 Olympics’

Space storms could knock out National Grid and Sat Navs

Nasa solar flare space storm warning: a British scientist writes – Is a Devastating Solar Flare Coming to a City Near You? Homeland Security: It may be impossible to protect the North American grid against catastrophic events

What’s Wrong with the Sun

Antarctica in 2012
The academic departments referenced in the story have deep ties to the Military/Industrial complex and have issued denials about any observed near earth object possibly striking earth.

..Thoughts on the Origins of life.. If part of the establishment of life on earth came from falling asteroids, then this soup of history and branches of roots could come from many different directions, going back far enough and the stars above.

It is said by the Samarians too, that a heavenly, skyward being came to earth and created the annunaki and many other animals.

Even Christian, Jewish, Hebrew history says our Dear Lord came from above and created life on earth below.

So where did our true source of DNA come from. Well it depends upon what time period you speaking about and

ENLIL with Cone Model

CCMC Services available for ENLIL with Cone Model
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Model Developer(s)
D. Odstrcil
University of Colorado at Boulder

Model Description
ENLIL is a time-dependent 3D MHD model of the heliosphere. It solves equations for plasma mass, momentum and energy density, and magnetic field, using a Flux-Corrected-Transport (FCT) algorithm. Its inner radial boundary is located beyond the sonic point, typically at 21.5 or 30 solar radii. It can accept boundary condition information from either the WSA or MAS models. The outer radial boundary can be adjusted to include planets or spacecraft of interest (eg 2 AU to include both Earth and Mars, 5 AU to include Ulysses, 10 AU to include Cassini). It covers 60 degrees north to 60 degrees south in latitude and 360 degrees in azimuth.

ENLIL + Cone Model Description:
ENLIL cone model forecasts CME propagation from the ENLIL inner boundary (which is usually at 21.5 Rs) to the point of interest. The cone model is based on the idea that close to the Sun CME propagates with constant angular and radial velocity, and so has the shape of a cone. ENLIL takes the cone model input parameters at its inner boundary. These input parameters are the following:

1. Start date (yyyy-mm-dd).

2. Start time (hh-mm)
This is the moment of time (UT) when the CME reaches ENLIL inner boundary.

3. Cone latitude (deg).
Co-latitude of the cone axis (angle Lat in the Figure 1)

4. Cone longitude (deg).
Longitude of the CME cone axis (angle Long in the Figure 1, (note Long=180 degrees is in the Earthward direction )

5. Cone radius (deg).
Angular width of the cone (angle rad in the Figure 1).

6. Radial velocity (km/s) at the ENLIL inner boundary.

References and relevant publications
Xie et al., JGR, vol 109, A03109; doi:10.1029/2003JA010226, 2004.

Relevant links

* General description of ENLIL model
* Description of the data structure and organization in the ENLIL
* General description of Solar wind, time description systems & coordinate systems used and more.
This file also contains instructions for installation.

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