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(Meta)physics & Your “State of the Art” Mind & Body

Here is something
how to draw a Transmutation-Circle
I read recently this statement and i wanted to share it.. “I see human beings as beings spread on a band from 3d density (bodily/material awareness) to pure spirit (7th could be a tentative labeling)…

the struggle is to fully ground consciousness in upper levels of one self.

we start with short glimpses of other levels…
then we ground them more and more…
and yes, the experience of etheric body consciousness and thus perceiving what we call physical reality in the etheric/energetic body i find it to have a revelatory effect in moving one’s consciousness upwards…..

unfortunately i did not have time to explore more thoroughly the nature of the etheric make-up of our reality…
one thing i noticed though is that upon the etheric sky…
the most noticeable object is a swastika like object…
that is what that ancient symbol referred to…
the center of the world…
which is probably our galactic center…
which in physical 3d reality is perceived as a black hole…
but in etheric vision (which is of electro magnetical nature) it can be perceived directly…
and this is of course logical if you think of how magnets work…
that is they have a radius of influence and all that is within that radius is attracted…
and we are clearly in the radius of our galactic centre…
and that fact can be perceived (felt) at etheric levels
Zero Point Technologies & you? (link) Explained via Physics

Lots of self-proclaimed psychics are on the site GLP & sometimes it’s hard to establish who can do what.. from what i have observed, here is something that might help.(LINK)

my qualifications: living life-

1) grounding. before you do ANYTHING, get grounded. simply imagine a cord of light, any color, attached to your first chakra and send it to the center of the earth. anchor it there. you will be using this not only to keep yourself in your body, but also to clear energy that does not belong to you.

you can be very creative with your grounding meditation. i often use one of those french style toilets, where i see myself sitting, dumping all the shit i don’t need, and pulling the chain to flush it all out my grounding cord.


grounding is crucial for learning how to be in your body and kicking other energy out. you cannot do a clear reading if you are not in your body, unless you are a trance medium, in which case, you should have special training. the psychic training comes first.

simply imagine whatever you want connected from your root chakra to your centre of the earth.

2) protection. the way i was taught was to use ‘roses.’

establish grounding, and identify your ‘aura.’ you may be way out, or shrunken in. set your intention to be 1-2 feet from your body. pull in or expand accordingly.

set ‘perimeter checks…’ again, i was trained with roses. choose whatever works for you.

drop your rose on the outer layer of your energy field. GROUND IT. yes you can ground other things, entities, people, cars, houses….start with grounding your protection.

then when you hit resistance, ground the entities, ASK THEM: what are you here to teach me? what is my agreement to you that allows you to be here?

STAY GROUNDED. you may encounter energy that wants to kick you out of this space. GROUND IT.

i can later teach you how to erase those contracts, but i think this is a good start.

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The human mind is a complex entity.
Its a super powerful quantum bio-computer, which is like a
magical crystal. It can manifest thoughts among other things.
Its the only thing you need to take you through life.
Its like having a personal magic crystal in your head.
Sadly all knowledge on the use and power of our brains have
been supressed since centuries.
All diseases can be healed by our minds, the cure is built
within us.
This knowledge about ouselves is dangerous to those who wish to profit from a controlled human farm.

The mind can be studied, quantified, and its responses
measured. It can be controlled. To do fantastic things.

A trance state is the gateway to modifying our minds.
Among other ways. (pills, chips and advanced EMF satellite
technologies are other routes into your mind)
A trance state is the gateway into your mind.
You experience a trance state in your daily life.
Driving and talking with focus on a particular topic is a
trance state.
The part of your mind that drives the car,
shifts the gear, watches the road, is separate from the person that is doing the talking.

So if a hypnotist puts you into a trance, then tells your
mind that when you wake up you can break a brick with your
hands, and nothing will happen to your hands, then thats
exactly what you can do when you wake up. (Read More)

Our innate abilities allow us to shape reality. Let your own imagination and desire flow from you absent of fear. Release all questions and desires into the sea of possibility and see what happens. Those who dare to look do. Those who know must step towards destiny. (Link)


1. Concentrate more on the sounds and smells around you

2. Next when you can, Close your eyes and try seeing without your eyes(in 3D)
After some practice you can see beyond the 3D.

Lastly but not least, When you eat, Focus on the energy(positive of course).
Focus on the molecules from the food being absorbed into your body becoming a part of you.

Thats how you eat less and still be energized.

Scientific proof of Telepathy; Magnetosphere; Magnetite in the Brain; Archetype of the Angel
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Canada 03/22/2012
Humans, as well as countless other species on the planet bio-mineralise magnetite in our central nervous systems during gestation… as humans we have about 100,000,000 parts per gram in our brains. Magnetite is the most highly natural magnetic mineral known in existence and is the primary biological mechanism which seamlessly connects our central nervous systems to the geomagnetic field of the planet. It has been scientifically proven in lab experiments that electromagnetic brain patterns (stimuli, thoughts, and emotions) can be transmitted and assimilated instantaneously between two people in completely separate settings while connected to the same magnetic coil. As above so below. The same can also be said on a macro-cosmic scale, encompassing the entire scope of the earth’s natural field. We are all telepathic beings and it is at the very least the geomagnetic field of the earth that binds us. I wrote a full essay on this topic if you have any doubts or questions:(Read More)

I found this to be very helpful-
I have an inner self. Everything outside of my physical self has to first come through my inner self. I give conscious thought to allow inner self to filter my reality. I give full trust to my inner self to do what’s best. I know this as the human way to exist. Learn from the fear and lose it.
[soulsurvivor]User ID: 12473088

There are many energy healing techniques available now – for our pets too! Here are a few that I am familiar with… EFT, Be Set Free, ZPoint, Dynamind, Ho’oponopono, Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Code, The One Command, The Release Technique, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Touch for Health, and more. I currently practice Quantum Entrainment (QE) predominantly. (Read More)

directly relates to inner spirituality that contrasts external forms of inspiration.

Coherent consciousness creates order in the world
Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth…(ReADMoRe)


Quantum Apocalypse The Holographic Universe
Video Here

Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond.

Now you don’t need astrology or “elemental magick” to influence reality with your consciousness. Your thoughts are a form of energy which in turn helps changes the reality that you experience. Using a specific medium like astrology might help you as an individual, but it could easily hinder others. Human metaphysics are pretty limited right now; just wait until scientists find what they call the Higgs boson, understand how it works within the universe and then understand how it is influenced by consciousness. Then we will have a serious “spiritual renaissance” within the scientific community that will greatly enhance metaphysics.- The dawning of an open eye is potential accelerated to conception and actual creation not limited too but only bound by the restraints or barriers we construct.. escaping the definition of the rules of science we as a species can then overcome and progress to the next step..

COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as `Channels’ for the `Heavenly Father’ and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the ` New Age’ of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Turn to metaphysics: your last and final hope of resistance. Indeed they’ve blocked all physical doors; there truly is no hope here, but the entrance to the gates of the spirit realm remain open, and it reigns supreme over that which can only be felt, seen, or heard.

Guided Psychedelic Sessions
What is the optimal use of psychedelics, not only to cure human maladies but also to enhance human capabilities?..Read More

**The Freemasons know how to study these pulses and have proven that the wavelengths and signals affects the neurons in the brain and the ionic field.

YOU already possess the most powerful tool known to mankind – the human mind. It didn’t come with a set of instructions unfortunately, so very few people know how to use their mind to its full potential.
I have dedicated my life to researching, finding and developing the best ways to bring about lasting and effective change in the human mind / body system.

Because we didn’t get the instruction manual for our mind there may be behavioral programs – much like a computer – that are running inside your mind at an unconscious level which are giving rise to distress, stress, fear, suffering and limitations of all kinds.

Regardless of what caused these programs to be installed (painful childhood, trauma, betrayal, heartbreak, body weakness etc) they can be replaced with healthy, beneficial, life enhancing programs that work with and for you rather than against.

Just like your car may need a service or your computer need cleaning up, your mind should also be taken care of, and upgraded in a professional, through and supportive manner from time to time, or at those times when it is obvious to you that your mind is not providing you the level of health and happiness you want.

After all, your mind runs all the programs that determine the quality of your life so it is incumbent on you to take best care of it.

When working with your selfaware self, you will find the best, fastest and easiest ‘State of the Art’ Mind Technologies that will healthily bring about changes at the level of being necessary for you to easily implement and live the changes in your ‘day to day’ life.

Foods for Fighting Cancer!! Hopefully this helps people eat more healthy 🙂